Susanna Harris is a print media based artist working with multiples and installation from Columbus, Ohio. She received her BA in studio art from Otterbein University in 2018. She is currently in the Print Media and Photography MFA program at Kent State University graduating spring 2021.

She has held residencies at Otterbein University, The Lancaster Festival, and Zea Mays Printmaking. She was an intern for Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative from 2018 to 2019, and has recieved awards and funding from GCAC, Kent State University, and the Hershey Foundation

The impact of global environmental destruction, and loss of biodiversity has affected many important natural ecosystems. As ocean waters warm in temperature coral reefs bleach creating a chain reaction of damage onto other coral populations. This phenomenon is both beautiful, and haunting. I use the materiality of paper altered through hand cutting, deeply embossing, and inking to create organic forms with color altered shadows. I start with photographs of coral I take in aquariums, and zoos, and then designs are hand drawn and turned into digital line images. These are used to create the printing matrix or plate using a laser cutter. Each plate is then used to transfer imagery to paper. Parts of that paper are then cut by hand. Once each layer is created they are stacked together able to droop, and settle. As I consider my personal experiences with loss, disease, and grief I create large installations with print media to explore the interconnectedness of ecological destruction and human fragility.


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