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Changing Tides, December 2022-June 2023, Columbus, Ohio

Paper Wall Installation: Emboss Print on Hand cut Paper, fluorescent ink and paint, wire

Lanterns: Hand pulled prints on paper, Hand cut paper and Light installation


Inspired by shadows, I invite light to activate fluorescent layers of paint and ink on the back of my art. I use the materiality of paper altered through hand cutting, deeply embossing, and inking to create organic forms with color altered shadows. Each large installation is ethereal, and otherworldly producing a stunning visual experience for viewers.

Changing Tides is a visual interpretation of the haunting phenomenon of coral bleaching and expresses how the climate crisis is changing the world around us. I am interested in nature’s reclamation and the contextual parallels that has with rebirth after hardship. This work finds parallels between the damage done to the environment and the negative impact we experience globally. It also is a soft whisper of our own fragility and the unfortunate realization that as individuals we can only do so much, but something more has to be done.


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Instagram @SusannaHarrisCreates

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